Coal storage with a focus on biochar in eastern central Sweden

A project for Coal storage with a focus on biocharin eastern central Sweden is running until the summer of this year. The main funder is AgTech2030 and participating partners are Vreta kluster AB, Cleantech Östergötland, Energikontoret region Östergötland and Envinn AB. We will hold three workshops and an open final seminar on the eighth of June 2022.


Identifying opportunities and challenges in the production, use and business model of biochar and hydrocarbons in East Central Sweden.

Workshop 1 - Production

  • How can we make use of biomass residues?
  • What are the residual flows in the area?
  • How do different residual streams match with different uses (grades/classes) of biochar and hydrocarbons? Simply put: what fits what?

Workshop 2 - Usage

  • What are the uses of biochar?
  • What quality of biocharis desired?
  • How do different uses match with different residual streams (grades/classes) of biocharand hydrocarbons? Simply put: what fits what?

Workshop 3 - Business model

  • In which applications will the demand for biocharincrease?
  • There are methods for biocharas a carbon sink. What about hydrocarbons?
  • Is the price (willingness to pay) of carbon credits affected by the quality/use of the biochar (e.g. EBC grade)?
  • Is it the same carbon credit market for different residual streams?
  • Is there a need for additional methods? E.g. carbon sequestration by other methods than biochar?

Open seminar 8/6

The aim of the project is to hold an open seminar on coal storage in eastern central Sweden with biocharin focus. Through the previous workshops we will gather exciting challenges and opportunities with biocharand hydrocarbon.

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