Do you want to start or develop your business within biochar? Envinn offers consulting services to help you get where you want and support with ideas, knowledge and experiences.

We offer consulting services to contribute with ideas, knowledge and experiences about biochar. It can be anything from manufacturing to use and from economics to climate issues. We are well versed in current research, trends and funding opportunities in the field. Through our own experimental farms, we have built knowledge about handling and the effects of biochar on cultivation. We have also experimented with equipment to manufacture biochar different ways and of different types of biomass.

In addition to experience and knowledge of biochar, there are useful experiences from industrial projects such as system development, modelling and simulation, which fits well into more specific issues around biochar. Envinn also has experience in system integration, research, team and project management.


Have you ever heard of biochar and are curious to know more? We offer a talk to introduce biochar at a basic level, digitally or on-site.

This lecture is addressed to those of you who have heard of biochar and are interested in finding out a little more. It contains basic facts about: biochar, where we go through manufacturing, use and carbon sink dishes. The lecture is comprehensive but is there any particular issue with biochar that has caught your interest, we can put a little more focus on that area.

Envinn offers a talk of up to one hour. It can be held both digitally and on-site at your request

If you want more time and information, we recommend that you look at the extended version "Course" below.



Are you curious to know even more about biochar? Then we offer a course tailored to your wishes. It can include both theory and practice, such as pyrolysis and study visits.

We offer a course in biochar tailored to the target group and purpose. The basis is facts and history of biochar. On this we can build on with parts such as manufacturing, use, carbon sink rights, certification and challenges with biochar. Applications can be cultivation, animal husbandry, filter material for water purification and to reduce leaching.

If desired, the course may also include a practical part where we manufacture biochar and participants will have the opportunity to try pyrolysis of any material themselves. The methods we can show are TLUD, Kon-tiki and double-barreled. We also offer study visits to producers and users of biochar. We can also arrange a visit to a manufacturer of biochar boilers if it is of interest.

The content, length and location of the course are discussed together. At a course, all participants receive a bag of the manufactured biochar.